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The Death of Yugoslavia is a BBC documentary series first broadcast in 1995, and is also the name of a book written by Allan Little and Laura Silber that accompanies the series. It covers the collapse of the former Yugoslavia. It is notable in its combination of never-before-seen archive footage interspersed with interviews of most of the main players in the conflict, including Slobodan Milošević, Radovan Karadžić, Franjo Tuđman and Alija Izetbegović. This format, pioneered by the programme’s production company, Brian Lapping Associates, was very influential and the company produced many others in similar style. The series was awarded with a BAFTA award in 1996 for Best Factual Series. Because of the series large amount of interviews with prominent leaders and commanders of the conflict, it has been frequently used by ICTY in war crimes prosecutions.

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    This is great + Laura Silber studied with my Serbian professor!
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