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If possible (and no ‘if possible’ can be more crazy) you want to abolish suffering! And we? – it seems that we want it to be, if anything, worse and greater than before! Well-being in your sense of the word – that certainly is no goal, it seems to us to be an end! A condition that would immediately make people ludicrous and contemptible – make us wish their downfall! The discipline of suffering, great suffering – don’t you know that this discipline alone has created all human greatness to date? The tension of the soul in unhappiness, which cultivates its strength; its horror at the sight of the great destruction; its inventiveness and bravery in bearing, enduring, interpreting, exploiting unhappiness, and whatever in the way of depth, mystery, mask, spirit, cleverness, greatness the heart has been granted – has it not been granted them through suffering, through the discipline of great suffering?
— Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

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