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Gary Numan - Metal (from The Pleasure Principle, 1979)

Numan was born Gary Anthony James Webb on March 8, 1958, in Hammersmith, West London, UK. One of the founding fathers of synth pop, Gary Numan’s influence extends far beyond his lone American hit, “Cars,” which still stands as one of the defining new wave singles. That seminal track helped usher in the synthpop era on both sides of the Atlantic, especially his native England, where he was a genuine pop star and consistent hitmaker during the early ’80s. Even after new wave had petered out, Numan’s impact continued to make itself felt; his dark, paranoid vision, theatrically icy alien persona, and clinical, robotic sound were echoed strongly in the work of many goth rock and (especially) industrial artists to come. For his part, Numan just kept on recording, and by the late ’90s, he’d become a hip name to drop; prominent alt-rock bands covered his hits in concert, and a goth-flavored brand of industrial dance christened darkwave looked to him as its mentor.

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  7. misterchu said: I think most people have no idea what effect seeing Numan head up ‘Tubeway Army’ with ‘Are friends Electric?’ had before he went solo. It was one particular generation’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ moment.
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