Sunshine Recorder

Legowelt - Ancient Rites Demoni Mundi (from Crystal Cult 2080)

Boards of Canada - Telephasic Workshop (from Music Has The Right To Children)

Air - Lucky & Unhappy (from 10,000 Hz Legend)

AFX - Where’s Your Girlfriend (from Analord 01)

Pantha du Prince - Steiner im Flug (from This Bliss)

Christian Löffler - Ash & Snow (from A Forest)

Gui Boratto - Matryoshka (from Speicher 55)

Stimming - The Beauty (from Reflections)

Mount Kimbie - Meter, Pale, Tone (feat. King Krule) (from Cold Spring Fault Less Youth)

Christian Löffler - Eisberg (Hemal) (from A Forest)

James Blake - I Mind (from Self Titled)

Darkside - Freak, Go Home (from Psychic)

Umberto - Initial Revelation (from Confrontations)

Modeselektor - German Clap (from Monkeytown)


Three years of music posts in one giant playlist, with the option to shuffle tracks, get the link to the music post, reblog it, and so on. If a track isn’t available anymore, it will just skip it after a few sec. Also, some hour-long mixes that I posted have been added (automatically) to the playlist so beware.

PS: It may takes a minute or two to load.