Sunshine Recorder

"City Corners" by Imantas Selenis

‘Counter-urbanisation’is a process by which people move out of urban centres. Since the decline of industrialization in the 1950s, this has started occurring more frequently in economically developed countries. Lead by a rise in pollution, crime and traffic congestion, urban areas were becoming increasingly unattractive places to live.

The project will focus on ‘The City of London’ district, also known as “The Square Mile”. Through progressive urban development, most of the inhabitants have been pushed out into surrounding areas, simultaneously leaving this area for financial institutions. Nowadays The City of London is one of the world’s most important financial centres. During the day over 500,000 people utilize the area, while in contrast, after working hours the people return to their living areas and leave The City empty. 

The aim of this project is to use images of empty city night-scape to reveal how urban development causes depopulation of the modern city.

"Visions/Hyper-reality/Suburb" by Benoit Paillé

I went through the neighborhood of my childhood. I made a photographic collection of memories/visions I have of these places and the strange sensation of already-seen suburbs. And a striking feeling, that the reality  are so naturally surreal. I had the urgent need to start photographing these so common place but hide in my head (first time i return there after i start photography). It was  very confusing and mind-blowing to see a place you already know by memory, But now with news eyes, more educated, more able to see, so this is the result, a small serie of what i spontaneously see, through my mind—eye and finaly through my compact camera

(Source: benoitp)